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Claims List [Sep. 25th, 2008|04:34 pm]
Sonic Jams


[Current Mood |accomplished]

All claims made will be posted here:


Sonic The Hedgehog
Special Stage ~ spinningcannon

Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Chemical Plant Zone ~ kitsunepowaa

Sonic The Hedgehog 3
Ice Cap Zone ~ kitsunepowaa

Sonic CD
Sonic Boom (Ending Theme) ~ hamatokameko
When We Reach You ~Could It Be Right? (Remix of Cosmic Eternity) ~ spinningcannon

Sonic 3D Flickies' Island
Rusty Ruin Zone Act 1 ~ hamatokameko

Sonic Adventure
Believe in Myself (Theme of Miles "Tails" Prower) ~ cassandrablue
It Doesn't Matter (Theme of Sonic The Hedgehog) ~ cassandrablue

Sonic Adventure 2
Fly In The Freedom (Theme of Rouge The Bat) ~ ashlichan
Highway in the Sky (Final Rush) ~ shadowdingo
Rhythm and Balance (White Jungle) ~ cassandrablue
Space Trip Steps (Meteor Herd) ~ spinningcannon
This Way Out (Prison Lane) ~ shadowdingo
Unknown From M.E. Remix (Theme of Knuckles The Echidna) ~ queenhyprshadow

Sonic Heroes
Follow Me (Theme of Team Rose) ~ queenhyprshadow, adoring
Sonic Heroes (Main Theme) ~ shadowdingo
This Machine (Theme of Team Dark) ~ cassandrablue

Sonic Battle
Chaos Zeros' Battle Theme ~ spinningcannon
Club Rouge ~ ashlichan

Shadow The Hedgehog
I Am... All Of Me (Theme of Shadow The Hedgehog) ~ queenhyprshadow

Sonic The Hedgehog (Next-Gen)
Dreams of An Absolution (Theme of Silver The Hedgehog) ~ kitsunepowaa, adoring
His World [Crush 40 Mix] (Theme of Sonic The Hedgehog) ~ cassandrablue
His World [Xbox Live Demo] ~ hamatokameko
Solaris (Phase 2) ~ shadowdingo
Sweet Dream ['06 Akon Mix] (Ending Theme of Sonic The Hedgehog) ~ queenhyprshadow
Sweet Sweet Sweet ['06 Akon Mix] (Ending Theme of Sonic The Hedgehog) ~ queenhyprshadow

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Un-gravitify (Main Theme) ~ shadowdingo

Sonic and the Black Knight
Deep Woods ~ djtifabal
Knight of the Wind [Acoustic Version] ~ hamatokameko
Live Life ~ djtifabal
With Me [Massive Power Mix] ~ hamatokameko

Sonic The Hedgehog 4
Casino Street Zone Act 1 ~ djtifabal

Sonic Colors
Planet Wisp Act 1 ~ djtifabal
Speak With Your Heart ~ djtifabal

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Angel Island Remix ~ kitsunepowaa


Fastest Thing Alive ~ adoring

See a mistake or don't see your claim(s)? Comment here to have it fixed!

(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: queenhyprshadow
2012-08-23 01:52 am (UTC)
Thanks for the correction and sorry it took so long.
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